Petite girl in white lace panties

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Caprice from MPL Studios... the angel in white.
Caprice from MPL Studios… the angel in white.
Petite girl in white lace panties
Sweet petite girl in white lace panties and almost nothing else.
Caprice in white panties showing her breasts
With a thumb in her lace panties, and a tilt of the head… such a tease.
Playfully trying to cover up her naked body
Caprice smiles and playfully tries to cover up her naked body.

Caprice looks sweet and innocent all dressed in white, but things soon change and she isn’t too shy to start getting naughty for the camera. The first thing to go is her white lace panties that she couldn’t wait to take off. I guess that is good and bad at the same time… because they look amazing on her, but what they reveal when they’re gone is pretty damn good too.

Make sure you take a look at the rest of this free gallery at the link above the images here… she has a nice little ass that you don’t want to miss. After that, because everyone wants more of this girl, go to the MPL Studios website to see all of her past photoshoots and videos in full quality.