Brunette in a sexy silver thong

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Beautiful woman in bra and panties
Michaela posing in her bra and panties before the strip show.
Brunette in a sexy silver thong
Simply stunning with her perfect tits and sexy silver thong.

Look in to the eyes of beauty itself, which appears in the form of a stunning brunette named Michaela here today. If you have already seen the rest of this free gallery, at the link above the pics, then you will know that she can’t keep her panties on for long. So there are only a few pics of her in that silver thong, but I guess that is both a blessing and a curse if you liked it.

But anyway, go and check that out, and then if you want to see the complete series of pictures in full quality go to MPL Studios to find her and hundreds of other hot young women posing, stripping, and just being sexy as hell.