Hot girls in black thongs

Just a quick gallery I put together featuring hot girls in black thongs from all over the world. Some amateur girls, some candid whaletail pics, and basically just an assortment of awesomeness wrapped up in a nice little package.

Hot girl selfie in a black thong
Hot girl taking a selfie in a black thong in the dressing room of a store.
Candid whaletail pic black lace thong
Candid whaletail pic of a woman in a black lace thong while she’s out in public.
Models in black thongs at a party
Models in black thongs at some kind of party that I was not invited to. How rude…
Upskirt pic of ass in a black thong
Windy upskirt pic of a sexy ass in a black thong that got snapped at just the right time.
Double whaletail babes at car show
Double whaletail shot of babes showing perfect ass at a car show.
Drunk babes ass in black lace thong
Drunk babes sweet juicy ass in a black lace thong as they relax on the ground…
Sexy black lace thong panty peek
And last of all a closeup of a sexy black lace thong panty peek to finish this off.

I don’t know if I made it obvious enough, by the preview pic I chose and which image I posted first in this set, but I think you can guess which one I liked the most… yes, it’s that tight young ass in a black thong from a dressing room selfie. I would love to see more of this girl too, so if there is more of this hot girl out there floating around the internet then I command you to tell me about it in the comments. That is a direct order.

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