PantyPit Privacy Policy Page

What is this place?

It is the PantyPit (PP). Its website address is:

You (yes, you) are reading the Privacy Policy Page (PPP) for this place that you are currently witnessing.

The PP PPP is an educational and interactive experience for people with a guilty conscience, Europeans and others with a pathological fear of cookies.

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When you (or not you — ie. someone else) write comments in the area in which comments are written, these very same comments may be shown to another reader and/or writer such as yourself (or someone else, naturally). The Panty Pit collects this comment data along with the user agent and IP, which is not published and is used internally to prevent spam and improve security.

Images and things of that nature

If you (or your husband) upload images to this place, take steps to protect your own privacy. Remove EXIF / metadata / sensitive information or just don’t upload it… the PantyPit will continue on regardless of your offerings.

Contact forms

If such a place as had a contact form — a standardized, digital means of reconnaissance and dialog between humans — then it stands to reason that such a contact form would collect data similar to that of a common comment.

However, as of last review, this website does not employ the services of a contact form. Furthermore, the administrative team will swear in court that the PantyPit has never used any such form, rendering this section entirely superfluous and, as a result, stricken from the record.


Listen, if your browser accepts the cookies, then you’re going to get cookies. That’s really up to you. It’s a question of willpower, strength and determination. Do you not want the cookies enough to not accept them and, as a consequence, be unable to eat said cookies?

Or, are you going to accept the cookies like everyone else and just relax about the whole thing?

Basically, if you write a comment, try to login, actually login, or interact with this place in certain other ways, you’ll be offered a cookie. Do whatever you like with it.

Other websites do things also

If the PantyPit happened to post so-called “embedded content” from some other website — such as an image of the latest styles in Bulgarian hatmaking — then one may suppose that such a website could also offer cookies and related wares to eager travelers such as yourself.

Again, if you didn’t want the Bulgarian cookies, all you had to do was say, “No, but thanks for the offer.”

Learn how to resist temptation. Go and search about blocking cookies (and enjoy the search engine’s own cookies while you’re there.)


Finally, after much blither blather in the above long-winded and quickly-skimmed-over proceedings there comes a time to discuss the analytics. The word begins with anal, but it has very little in common with the images and videos that a person may expect to enjoy on such a category or other page.

In actual fact, analytics is a hideous word used to describe the divination of past, present and future visitors to the PantyPit via what can only be described as “the information superhighway.”

This high-tech system of numbers and zeros is enough to make your head spin, but you don’t need to worry about it.

Just take the cookie or don’t, okay?