British schoolgirls taking panties off

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Just a couple of naughty British schoolgirls taking panties off and stripping nude in the classroom in this free picture gallery. Ali says she wants to give her friend Victoria a makeover but I think she has other motivations here… but either way we get to see them both get naked.

Ali & Victoria from St Mackenzie's

Ali & Victoria from St Mackenzie’s alone in the classroom.

Hot girl taking her friends clothes off

Ali wants to give her geeky friend a makeover… or she just wants to see her naked.

Sweet ass in sheer panties

Victoria’s sweet ass in sheer panties with Ali pulling her schoolgirl outfit down.

Panties pulled down pubic hair

A shot of her perky small tits with her panties pulled down to show some hair.

Showing her tight young body

Underwear down at her socks, showing her tight young body.

Two spankable schoolgirls naked

Two spankable schoolgirls completely naked except for their socks…

You know what this gallery really needs to give it that finishing touch? A hot teacher to come in and catch these girls stripping and give them a spanking… then that last pic showing their sweet young ass would look a bit different. So what do you think? Tell me on Twitter @PantyPit or leave a comment below with whatever you want to see more of on my site.

Want to see more sexy students in all different kinds of schoolgirl scenarios? Then you need to take a look at the St Mackenzie’s website for pics and videos in full quality. The teachers get in on the fun too sometimes…

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